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Retül 3D Dynamic Fitting

At CycleLabs we have invested in the latest in 3D dynamic motion capture cycle fitting technology from Retül ( to ensure our clients get the best fit possible. This is the same technology as used by Sky Pro Cycling, Radioshack and many other pro’s. There is general consensus that dynamic fitting has many benefits over a simple static fitting; it is not until the client is pedaling that the true bio-dynamics can be observed, measured and analysed. Find out more about the Retül fitting system here


Retül Müve Bike

Designed to allow the fitting of those that want to take the guess work out of buying a new bike. Don’t think all 54″ seat tube bikes are the same! The key measures are stack and reach (I’ll post something on the blog). These vary dramatically between makers and models and certain measurements remain almost unchanged between sizes. So enter the Müve… it allows you to know your fit before buying and saving making a potentially costly mistake. We can adjust the bike with you in situ and it is accurate to the millimeter.


Retül Framefinder

The Retül Framefinder is a clever addition to the Retül suite of fitting tools.

What is Frame Finder?

Frame Finder is a web-based software program housing the geometries of bike frames and parts, and allows a qualified bike fitter to select and customize properly fitting bikes to a riderbefore a bike purchase is made.

How is Frame Finder used by a bike fitter?

Frame Finder software allows the fitter to use bike fit data to compare bike frames and parts giving both the rider and the customer a highly accurate and visual method for selecting a properly fitting bike.

How does the rider benefit from Frame Finder?

The rider can purchase confidently knowing that his or her bike guaranteed to be the right size. Frame Finder allows the rider to weigh options between varying sizes of frames and adjustability ranges of parts to select the best combination for optimal fit.

Where can a rider find a bike using Frame Finder?

We are pleased to be one of the selected beta testing sites. CycleLabs have access to the Frame Finder database and its use is included in our Müve bike fit with Framefinder service

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Bikefit Systems

In extreme cases of foot tilt (inversion or eversion) the use of cleat wedges may be appropriate to provide adequate support to the tilted foot and reduce knee movement.

We use Cleat Wedges® from BikeFit Systems; the wedges enable the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally, by acknowledging the foot’s inherent angle.  This creates a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle, resulting in greater comfort and power.   An illustration depicting foot and knee alignment before and after applying Cleat Wedges can be seen here.