About Cyclelabs

Welcome to CycleLabs, a business born out of a passion for cycling and an obsession for the science of cycling. Performance cycling is a formula of rider, equipment and the interface between the two. Here at Cyclelabs you will find services aligned to each of these categories… Coaching, nutrition etc for the rider, bike fit to optimise the interface between rider and machine. Visit www.fixedcrit.com



Bike Fit

Retul Cyclist Screen Shot

The interface between the rider and their bike completes the equation; equally as important as the other two. Optimising this interface maximises power and more importantly helps to avoid injury.

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The engine, the most important part. You can have the best equipment but without the rider the package will not perform... it's a cliché but it's true. Investment here often brings the best results, be it nutrition, coaching, or simple planning.

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And our favourite part... we have launched a dedicated site www.fixedcrit.com to showcase our carefully selected range of performance fixed gear criterium racing products

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